Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Where to from here?

In the large family I come from there is a distinctive trait - we are all keen on establishing what is true (and who is right!). Since we have strong personalities and different interests we do this in different ways: it may be to do with getting information or data correct, or with our own particular ideals or spiritual views. This has led to many family discussions which could more accurately described as noisy arguments, and at times, rows: tables thumped, doors slammed, tears... There's certainly a lot of energy involved in getting things right, in attempting to persuade each other (usually a failure, why do we still try?) but when we do have good discussions, what joy! I like to think that we've got better at it over the years, of enjoying each other and our differences more! Differences certainly add to the richness of our family, as they do to all humanity and indeed all life as we know it.

I was born with a naturally trusting and confiding personality, which has too often led me to accept other people's pronouncements at face value with some very painful results. In response I've gradually taught myself to think more carefully, to explore ways of looking at things, of developing alternative points of view, and to do so more flexibly, and above all, to make up my own mind! I feel much stronger as a result.

I'm still trying to figure a lot of things out. In this log I want to share some of my conclusions as well as some of what I don't yet understand, hence the title of the log. It is, and I hope it always will be, a work in progress, still a pursuit, not so much of the Truth, with a capital 'T', but of wisdom - what to do with the truth, or truths, or in any case, my version of certain aspects of it, how to make the most of our gift of life here on earth. Here goes...

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