Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Noise ~

Today started well: a beautifully fresh, still, sunny day from which the slight frost rapidly disappeared. But as the morning progressed we were increasingly disturbed by the noisy revving of cars from a property a short distance up the street. We often get noise of this sort from that place. It's very annoying and I try to practice a tolerant attitude reminding myself that there are far worse things that could be happening which I would find more troublesome, but by about 2pm I was badly frazzled. I hate noise: it disrupts my nervous system and with it my ability to function normally and especially my ability to think. At such times I could easily dial up a removals company, load all my favourite plants onto a trailer, and depart without a backward glance - until the next time, at the next place. If humans survive the present age I am sure that future earthlings will refer to this one as the age of noise, which seems only to increase with the passing of time - in my lifetime anyway. However, I find that this trouble is not confined to the present century or the previous one, as philosoper Arthur Schopenhauer's essay, written on the subject in the 1800s relates. I make no claim to be a great intellectual, or even of being an intellectual particularly but I'm right with him on this one! ...And I am sure that it's not only intellectuals who suffer from this form of distress!

Here it is beautifully read by D.E.Wittkower
It's worth persevering past the opening part with the monkey!

Readers who watch the Youtube presentation rather than reading the text may be pleased to know that at the end of the text version the following footnote is given:
"According to a notice from the Munich Society for the Protection of Animals, the superfluous whipping and cracking were strictly forbidden in Nuremberg in December 1858."

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