Saturday, 17 October 2009

Glad to wake up

My cat woke me up by clawing the curtains, and although I usually find this extremely annoying this morning I was glad of it. I had been dreaming I was somewhere in Auckland, alone, didn't know where I was and was walking to an unknown destination in completely the wrong direction. I had walked a very long way, and by the time my dreaming self realised this it was late in the day and the light would soon be fading. So it was a relief to wake up and find myself comfortably in bed! Once properly awake the day outside seemed mighty civilized in comparison. Grey, mizzly and cold it might be, but sitting in the front room, warmly wrapped with a cup of best tea and some munchy jammy toast I could feel my dreamtime angst melting away.

I had my chair facing the window of course, so I could admire my garden: my favourite rose, Tequila Sunrise, is doing very well and the rhubarb has sprung up so vigorously that I'll be able pick some any time I feel like it, a welcome treat after its winter quiescence. The irises have put on a lot of new growth and I'm hoping they will produce flowers this season, which they didn't the last one due no doubt to recovering from subsisting in a single pot for years. It would help if I checked that the corms are partially exposed to the air. It could be a good day for getting my tomato plants in, also the bean seedlings... These possibilities passed pleasantly through my mind while I sipped my tea. Gardening is great: a little work here and there and now and again, and while you're not exerting yourself at all, up it springs and creates all manner of wonders! Just at present it's in a state where I could do work in it, or not, which is a comf0rtable place to be, a position of choice, to busy myself with whatever I fancy.

My cat goggled at me appealingly through the window. She is small, black, fluffy and intense. Her name is Louisa. At my encouragement she made her practiced leap through the open window. It's a big jump as this window is high so she has to think about it carefully first; she springs at the lower window, runs up it as it were, hooks her front paws over the window ledge so she can haul herself up, then she's over and in. This time she chose to linger on the sill pirouetting first one way then the other, fanning her fluffy tail with feminine charm while I petted her. She was damp from the misty air so I decided that the tomatoes and beans in their pots could wait. Maybe I'd clear the pile of papers in my workroom that I've neglected for too long. But that seems far too business-like for this early in the morning; far easier and more pleasant to write a little entry about waking up. My home is a good place to find myself, a good place to wake up in, thank God.

Later: I find I'm dissatisfied with how I've closed the above. I wanted to offer thanks, but to whom or what? Meaning no disrespect, 'God' sounds too religious for where I'm at at present. 'Thank the Lord' has a rather better ring to it but is unsuitable for the same reason but more so. 'Thank goodness'? Quite apart from having already used the word 'good' twice in the same sentence it's too vague; 'Heaven' didn't work either, since it wasn't Heaven I was grateful for, it was the Earth. Ah, the Earth. We don't seem to to be much in the habit of thanking the Earth, without which we wouldn't be waking up from our dreams, either good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant. So saying I thank the Earth, and pull on my gardening shoes.

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